Astrology Yogas To Tell You When You Will Get Married

The picture of society has changed with time. There was a time when nobody’s son or daughter was left unmarried. They used to get married even when they were physically challenged or ugly. But nowadays, the parents of a girl hunt for a prince like groom for the bride and the parents of a boy also give priority to a beautiful bride from rich family.

Parents of bride and groom take a lot of time to switch over from the world of dream to reality. That’s why, nowadays delay in marriage is not unusual. Thus, the parents of bride and groom should consult an astrologer for the analysis of yogas of marriage in the horoscope before hunting for a suitable match. It helps them to take right steps at the right time and prevents them from wasting their time here and there. Let’s highlight the yogas of marriage in this article.

Points to be Considered for Marriage
Seventh house, the lord of seventh house and Venus–the Kaarak of marriage are analyzed for the yogas of marriage. The more auspicious these elements are, the more beneficial will be the results.

Chart Related to the Time of Marriage
A horoscope is very carefully analyzed for finding the yogas of marriage and appropriate time of the marriage. If the yogas for the marriage are not found in the horoscope then the yogas are determined by Moon horoscope and Venus horoscope. If these horoscopes do not yield favorable result then Navamsh horoscope is analyzed for marriage yogas.

It is not necessary to analyze other charts when yogas for marriage are formed in the horoscope.

Auspicious Yogas of Marriage

Auspicious Effect on Seventh House
If the seventh house forms aspect or conjunction relationship with its lord and is free from the aspect or conjunction of any other inauspicious planet then the person gets positive results. If the inauspicious planets like Sun, Mars or Saturn are placed in the seventh house or are facing the seventh house then the person is blessed with happy married life.

Auspicious Effect on the lord of Seventh House
When the lord of seventh house is auspicious, strong, and has aspect, conjunction or placement relationship with auspicious planets then yogas for marriage are definitely formed.

Auspicious Effect on Second and Twelfth House
Apart from the seventh house, second house and twelfth house are also included in the houses related to marriage. If the lords of these houses are present in the Kendra or Trine house then yogas for marriage are definitely formed.

Second and Twelfth House from the lord of Seventh House
The placement of auspicious planets in the second and twelfth house from the lord of seventh house also forms auspicious yogas of marriage.

Auspicious Effect on Venus–The Kaarak of Marriage
If the Kaarak of Marriage, i.e.,Venus is strong and forms aspect or conjunction with other auspicious planets then the yogas for marriage are formed in the horoscope.

Auspicious Effect on Marriage Houses from Ascendant or Moon
The placement of auspicious planets in the second, seventh and twelfth houses from Ascendent, Moon or Venus forms auspicious yogas for marriage.

Auspiciousness of the Lord of Seventh House
The aspect or conjunction relationship of seventh house with its lord or auspicious planets makes it strong and increases the happiness of married life

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Consider Your Life Partner through Prashna Astrology

Two people live together after marriage and form a new family. Everybody has a desire to live with their desired partner. If you want to know about your would be spouse, then you can get this answer from Prashna Jyotish (Horary Astrology).

Marriages are made in heaven, but we all are always curious to know about our would be life partner. According to astrologers, planets decide our partner and they can even predict the date of marriage.

According to Vedic astrology, the seventh house is considered for marriage in the birth-chart. If Prashna birth chart is of female, then Jupiter should be considered, which is the Karak of husband. If Prashan Kundali is of male, then Venus should be considered as the Karak planet of wife.

Marriage can Happen in Following Conditions

  • 1. If Moon and Venus are in conjunction in the Ascendant, second, fourth or seventh house or if both these planets aspect these houses, then he will have an early marriage.
  • 2. If the Ascendant or its lord, seventh house or its lord, Venus and Moon, which are the Karak planets of marriage, are placed in a good position.

Let Us Consider Why Conflicts Occur in Married Life:

  • 1. If in the Prashna kundali, Moon is placed in the Ascendant, Mars is placed in the seventh house or any malefic planet is placed in the Ascendant or Moon is placed in the sixth or eighth house, then distances may occur between the couple.
  • 2. If in the Prashna Kundali, Moon of the bright half is in the even sign and is placed in the sixth or eighth house and any maleficent planet aspects Moon, then they may live separately.

Let Us Talk About the Influence of Maleficent Planets When They are Placed in Different Houses

  • 1. According to astrologers, if the question is related to groom and if Prashna Kundali says that a malefic planet is placed in the Ascendant, then situation will be inauspicious for spouse.
  • 2. If a malefic planet is placed in the fifth house then it may be inauspicious for children.
  • 3. If a malefic planets is placed in the seventh house then the girl may suffer from various problems after marriage.
  • 4. If a malefic planet is placed in the eighth house of the Prashna Kundali then distances may occur between husband and wife.
  • 5. If in the Prashna Kundali, Moon is not in conjunction with auspicious planets and is placed in the sixth or eighth house, then girl may face problems in the beginning of married life.

Now, we can understand that Prashna Jyotish (Horary Astrology) helps in marriage.

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